Subharti University

Subharti University

Welcome to Subharti University, a distinguished name in online education committed to excellence and accessibility. As a premier institution, we offer a diverse range of accredited programs designed to cater to the educational needs of aspiring learners worldwide.

Join us at Subharti University and embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and success. With our comprehensive programs, experienced faculty, and flexible learning options, we’re here to help you achieve your academic and professional dreams, no matter where you are in the world. Your future starts here, at Subharti University.

Traditional Courses

CourseStreamDuration ( years)Semester
Bachelor of ArtsHindi3 Years6 Sem
Bachelor of ArtsEnglish3 Years6 Sem
Bachelor of ArtsPolitical Science3 Years6 Sem
Bachelor of ArtsHistory3 Years6 Sem
Bachelor of ArtsEconomics3 Years6 Sem
Bachelor of ArtsSociology3 Years6 Sem
Bachelor of ArtsMathematics3 Years6 Sem
Bachelor of ArtsJournalism and Mass 3 Years6 Sem
Master of ArtsPublic Administration2 Years4 Sem
Master of ArtsHome Science2 Years4 Sem
Master of ArtsPolitical Science2 Years4 Sem
Master of ArtsMathematics2 Years4 Sem
Master of ArtsSociology2 Years4 Sem
Master of ArtsHistory2 Years4 Sem
Master of ArtsHindi2 Years4 Sem
Master of ArtsEconomics2 Years4 Sem
Master of ArtsEnglish2 Years4 Sem
Master of ArtsBuddist Studies2 Years4 Sem
Master of ArtsJournalism and Mass 2 Years4 Sem
Master of ArtsEducation2 Years4 Sem
Bachelor of Library and Information ScienceLibrary and Information Science3 Years6 Sem
Master of Library and Information ScienceLibrary and Information Science2 Years4 Sem
BComGeneral3 Years6 Sem
BComGeneral4 Years8 Sem
MComGeneral2 Years4 Sem

Management Courses

CourseStreamDuration ( years)Semester
BBAGenral3 Years6 Sem
MBAInformation technology2 Years4 Sem
MBAHuman Resource2 Years4 Sem
MBAMarketing Management2 Years4 Sem
MBAFinance Management2 Years4 Sem
MBAFashion designing2 Years4 Sem