Suresh Gyan vihar University

Welcome to Suresh Gyan Vihar University, your gateway to quality education anytime, anywhere. As a leading online/correspondence university, we offer a diverse range of programs designed to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re a busy professional or a dedicated learner, our flexible approach ensures accessibility without compromising excellence. Join us to unlock your potential and achieve your academic goals effortlessly.

Traditional Courses

CourseStreamDuration ( years)Semester
B.APsychology3 Years6 Sem
B.ASociology3 Years6 Sem
B.AEnglish3 Years6 Sem
B.AGeography’3 Years6 Sem
B.AEconomics3 Years6 Sem
B.AHindi3 Years6 Sem
B.AHistory3 Years6 Sem
B.APolitical Science3 Years6 Sem
B.APublic Administration3 Years6 Sem
B.APhilosophy3 Years6 Sem
B.AJournalism and Mass Communication3 Years6 Sem
M.APolitical Science2 years4 Sem
M.AHistory2 years4 Sem
M.AEconomics2 years4 Sem
M.ASociology2 years4 Sem
M.AEnglish2 years4 Sem
M.AHindi2 years4 Sem
B.ComCommerce3 years6 Sem
M.ComCommerce2 years4 Sem

Management Courses

CourseStreamDuration ( years)Semester
MBAHuman Resources2 years4 Sem
MBAFinancial Management2 years4 Sem
MBAMarketing Management2 years4 Sem
MBAFinancial Management2 years4 Sem
MBAProject and Operation management2 years4 Sem
MBAHealth Care2 years4 Sem
MBASupply Chain2 years4 Sem
BBAComputer Applications3 years6 Sem
BBAGeneral Business Law3 years6 Sem
BBAEconomics3 years6 Sem
BBAFinance3 years6 Sem
BBAMarketing Management3 years6 Sem
BBAManagement3 years6 Sem