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2-Year Degree Courses After 12th Commerce, Science, Arts

2-Year Degree Courses After 12th Commerce, Science, Arts

In today’s competitive world, it is critical to begin your journey to your desired career as soon as possible. The process of picking which career path to choose usually begins shortly after selecting a stream after the class tenth. After the 12th grade, each of these streams offers a myriad of professional opportunities. After finishing high school, most students pursue a three or four-year Bachelor’s degree. But did you know that there are 2-year degree programs available after the 12th grade? Read on to learn more about such courses!

What are the 2-year Degree Courses?

Two-year degree courses, also known as associate degree programs, provide a condensed and focused educational pathway for students seeking to acquire specific skills and qualifications. These programs are typically offered by community colleges, technical institutes, and vocational schools.

Two-year degree courses cover a wide range of fields, including business administration, computer science, healthcare, criminal justice, hospitality management, and more. They offer a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to prepare students for entry-level positions in their chosen industry.

These programs provide an opportunity for students to quickly gain relevant qualifications and enter the workforce or continue their education at a higher level. Many associate degree programs also offer credits that can be transferred to a four-year bachelor’s degree program if students choose to pursue further studies.

The shorter duration of two-year degree courses makes them a popular choice for individuals looking to fast-track their careers or explore a new field without committing to a longer-term educational program. They provide a valuable stepping stone towards professional development and can open doors to a range of job opportunities in a relatively short period of time.

2-Year Degree Courses After 12th Arts

After completing the 12th grade in the Arts stream, there are several two-year degree courses that students can pursue to enhance their skills and expand their career options. Here are a few examples:

  • Associate Degree in Fashion Design: This program focuses on developing students’ creative skills and knowledge in fashion design, garment construction, textiles, and fashion marketing.
  • Associate Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication: This course covers the fundamentals of journalism, media studies, advertising, public relations, and digital media, preparing students for careers in media and communication industries.
  • Associate Degree in Hotel Management: This program provides students with a solid foundation in hotel operations, hospitality management, food and beverage services, front office management, and event planning.
  • Associate Degree in Graphic Design: This course focuses on teaching students design principles, graphic software skills, typography, visual communication, and branding, preparing them for careers in advertising, publishing, or design studios.
  • Associate Degree in Tourism and Travel Management: This program equips students with knowledge of travel and tourism industry operations, destination management, tour planning, and customer service, opening opportunities in travel agencies, tour operators, and hospitality sectors.
  • Associate Degree in Event Management: This course focuses on event planning, coordination, marketing, and logistics, preparing students for careers in the event management industry, including corporate events, weddings, conferences, and exhibitions.

2-Year Degree Courses After 12th Science

After completing the 12th grade in the Science stream, there are several two-year degree courses that students can pursue to further their education and career prospects. Here are some examples:

  • Associate Degree in Engineering: This program offers specializations such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, etc., providing a foundation in engineering principles and practical skills.
  • Associate Degree in Nursing: This course prepares students to become registered nurses, focusing on subjects like anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, patient care, and clinical skills.
  • Associate Degree in Pharmacy: This program provides knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences, drug formulation, pharmacology, and pharmacy practice, and prepares students to work as pharmacy technicians or assistants.
  • Associate Degree in Computer Science: This course covers programming languages, data structures, algorithms, software development, and computer networking, opening doors to careers in software development, IT support, or systems analysis.
  • Associate Degree in Biotechnology: This program introduces students to concepts in biotechnology, genetic engineering, biochemistry, microbiology, and laboratory techniques, preparing them for roles in research labs or biotech industries.
  • Associate Degree in Environmental Science: This course focuses on environmental studies, conservation, sustainability, pollution control, and resource management, leading to careers in environmental consulting or research.

2-Year Degree Courses After 12th Commerce

After completing the 12th grade in the Commerce stream, there are several two-year degree courses that students can pursue to further their education and enhance their career prospects. Here are some examples:

  • Associate Degree in Accounting: This program focuses on financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, and auditing, and prepares students for careers in accounting firms or financial departments of organizations.
  • Associate Degree in Business Administration: This course covers various aspects of business management, including marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and entrepreneurship, providing a broad foundation for entry-level business positions.
  • Associate Degree in Finance: This program delves deeper into financial analysis, investment management, financial planning, and risk management, and prepares students for roles in banking, financial institutions, or corporate finance.
  • Associate Degree in International Business: This course provides knowledge in global business practices, international trade, and cross-cultural management, and prepares students for careers in international companies or organizations.
  • Associate Degree in Retail Management: This program focuses on retail operations, merchandising, supply chain management, and customer service, and prepares students for roles in retail management or sales.
  • Associate Degree in Human Resource Management: This course covers topics like recruitment, training and development, employee relations, labor laws, and prepares students for entry-level HR positions in organizations.

List of 2-Year Degree Courses

Let’s have a look at a thorough list of 2-year degree courses available after the 12th grade. All of these courses are career-oriented, with attractive prospects to work with globally successful firms.

  • Associate Degree in Business Administration
  • Associate Degree in Accounting
  • Associate Degree in Marketing
  • Associate Degree in Finance
  • Associate Degree in Human Resource Management
  • Associate Degree in Information Technology
  • Associate Degree in Computer Science
  • Associate Degree in Graphic Design
  • Associate Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Associate Degree in Psychology
  • Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Associate Degree in Nursing
  • Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene
  • Associate Degree in Culinary Arts
  • Associate Degree in Hospitality Management
  • Associate Degree in Fashion Design
  • Associate Degree in Interior Design
  • Associate Degree in Environmental Science
  • Associate Degree in Engineering (e.g., Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer)
  • Associate Degree in Biotechnology


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